Sensis in their e-Business Report last year stated that the proportion of small businesses with a website was 60%, while 4% intend to get one this year.

If you think you are part of the remaining 36% because you are still undecided whether a website will be good for your business, worry no more. A website is crucial for your business to grow and it is vital for it to thrive and compete against others who are providing the same product or service. And although some business owners in our sector hesitate in investing into a well-designed website, know that the highest rate of website penetration includes the health industry which is at 71%. This only means that more and more Australian health-related businesses like ours are able to reach their customers through the use of a website.

If we have not convinced you yet, then these are just some of the benefits that independent optometrists can gain out of a professional-looking website for their practice:

A website is an interactive and dynamic source of information about your optical store.

A website can be a one-stop- shop for everything that is related to your practice. If structured and designed properly, visitors will never tire of browsing through pages and pages of information which may include the following:

  • Company history and information
  • Product and service descriptions
  • Pricing and request quotation form
  • Photo gallery
  • Company news and blog
  • Client testimonials and reviews
  • Special Promos

Having a website is giving your potential patients a channel where they can get to know you better. The more they know about you, the better recall will they have of your business which is ultimately helpful when it is finally time for them to avail a product or service that you offer. Patients in general conduct research first before heading out to a store so make sure to give them enough resources through your website.

A well-designed website sets a good initial impression hence, credibility.

How many times have you already felt turned off and disappointed after visiting a website that looks unprofessional and sloppy? Did you continue browsing? Did you get lost? Were you able to find what you are seeking?

Launching a website just for the sake of having one isn’t a sure ticket towards your patients’ hearts. A website design needs to be well thought of, its structure well planned, and its special features meticulously developed. Remember that a website is like an actual optical store. It is an online representation of your business and whatever your patients see there is going to be a direct reflection of the quality and type of business that you manage. Patients now build their judgment over what they see and read about you online so always aim for your website to be the best online channel possible for your business.

A website is your number one tool in generating leads that could turn into potential clients.

Leads are one of the top things that we value whether coming from referrals, walk-ins, and what is being used most often now, websites.

Websites can be accessed anytime and anywhere using desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets and so the opportunity to generate leads from there is very high. Capture precious details about the people that visit your site by offering them something that can be helpful to them. Think of this as a give and take relationship – you offer something of value like an eBook, an infographic, a report, or a blog, even a discount or a freebie then they share with you their personal details.

A website is a cost-effective marketing tool.

Businesses before spend a huge amount of money on traditional advertising media. The results from these channels are usually hard to measure and track. Nowadays, business use digital marketing tools like social media and email marketing as they are easy to launch, manage, and monitor. Besides, they also show you the results as they happen. Same as a website.

A website is called a business’ main online marketing tool. All online traffic must lead there as a website, just like your optical store, should offer all information there is to help patients find what they are looking for whether helpful information, products, services, pricing, discount, or advice.

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