Crafted to support the marketing needs of independent optometrists operating as a small business.

From budget to manpower, small businesses including your optical store need to carefully plot activities and investments.

We have done the legwork for you and we have identified the key services that you need to push forward with a more robust way of promoting your practice and attracting new patients to book a visit to your store.

Refocus Web
Establish a strong online presence through an efficient website that is friendly, helpful, and easy-to-use for your patients.
Refocus Social
Connect with your patients on social media and transform them into a community that is loyal and willing to engage with your brand.
Refocus Content
Create buzz and meaningful stories around your brand through blogs, news articles, visuals, and other content materials.
Refocus Marketing PRO
Need a marketing team to back your practice?
We’ll dedicate a team of marketing specialists that will provide brilliant marketing campaigns for your business.
Refocus Patient Engage
Have a dedicated Patient Care Assistant provide enhanced customer support to help you establish a more solid link between your patients and your practice.

Refocus Patient Engage Service

A Patient Care Assistant is your patients' direct link to your optical store. They will be focused on the following tasks

Re-engaging old and inactive patients
Inviting existing patients to book a visit
Appointment Confirmation and Reminder
Post-visit Survey
Updating them with the latest on your products and other service offers
Birthday greetings
Other Custom Messages that you want to relay to your patients

The Refocus Patient Engage service is the product of the union between marketing and quality customer care.

Making it part of your services further solidifes your commitment to helping your patients with their eye care needs by providing them with their very own Patient Care Assistant.

This is taking communication to a whole new level and delivering a more personalized approach to customer care. Imagine having your very own assistant in bringing all of these to your patients.

Think of the additional boost that a Patient Care Assistant could bring to your business as you focus on growing and managing your optical store.

All of these points to a practice that is enjoying the benefits of regular and repeat patients whilst providing the utmost care that will engage them even more.

Our Full-Service Suite

Our agency caters to a wide range of marketing needs and requirements.
We have a full suite of services that we can provide for you whether as a standalone project or a campaign that involves multiple marketing tools.

Let us know what you want to achieve.

Produce Content Materials

  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Newsletters
  • Graphic Design & Art Production
  • Sales Kits & Other Sales Materials
  • Product Packaging
  • In-Store Display Materials
  • Out-of- home Advertising Collaterals
  • Video Production
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Internal Communications
  • Research and Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

Develop a strategy to promote and sell your products and services

  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Lead Generation and Nurturing Programs
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Internal Brand Building
  • Campaign Management
  • Project Management

Launch a marketing campaign using these channels

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Website Design
  • PR
  • Tri-media
  • Sales Activation
  • Data/Insights Reporting & Evaluation
Need help in identifying the steps towards
refocusing your marketing?

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